Make ART Happen. 



Documentary style photography for events, non profits and travel. 


A marketing brain and a creative touch. Expertise in design strategy, website design and art direction. 


Acrylic and Oil painting

* including featured project from Wisdom Tree Sci Fi Film 



Meredith Nevard

Living in the western world, we have many opportunities to explore the areas that surround us. I am lucky enough to have studied in London and Italy, and traveled to remote villages in Africa and the Americas. Documenting this is a way to let others into what I know and continue to explore.

My work is influenced by the roles that positive and negative spaces play in our everyday. I believe that art is about the process, the layers of history that we have created. Discovering this through the use of multiple mediums, allows me to develop new ideas as well as readdress the old.

The beauty of art is not always in the image itself. But it is the thought, the idea, that can change our nothing into something.